Magical Stone Tarot Kit

About Gemstones?


The love of stones is deeply implanted in the human heart.  They are earth’s treasures that last forever. They are beautiful, sought after, and some are quite rare and valuable.  Early sages taught that the proper talisman gemstone could help a person succeed and be protected through their lives.  January had the Garnet, February the Amethyst, and so on. Over the years, these associations have changed to include many more semi-precious (and less expensive) stones, such as the Carnelian and the Agate.  All stones have energies that are particular to them, such as qualities of protection, love, courage, peace, knowledge, and just about anything else you can think of.

About Stone Divination... 


Divination is a process by which we use tools to provide answers to questions.  There are many methods of divination from watching the behaviour and appearance of animals, to dreams and crystal balls, Tarot cards are an extremely popular method of divination, used since antiquity and always mysterious.  Most divinatory systems contain some element of chance.  Chance is the universe’s way of speaking up.  Here, we have created a special kind of tarot deck.  Instead of cards, we use wonderful and powerful crystals and stones to divine the future and the unknown.  Stones are sort of like batteries, which contain and are charged by the Earth’s energies.  Each stone has special properties and meaning.

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Scented Gemstone Soy Candle